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Austrade - Caravan Parks Grant Program

In December 2022 we applied for the Austrade - Caravan Parks Grant Program. By way of background, the Government will provide funding over two years from 2022 to 2024 to assist caravan parks swiftly to upgrade or create new infrastructure and visitor facilities to enhance the visitor experience, including improvements to accessibility. We were successful in our application.


Our project of upgrading our cabin accommodation and group facility aims to meet gaps in the local market for mid-range, mid-priced, self-contained accommodation of high quality, accessibility, and sustainability. And to develop group facilities suitable for schools, community groups, and commercial customers.

We completed the cabin upgrades in November 2023 and look forward to opening our group space in May 2024.

We are tremendously grateful for this opportunity and thank the team behind the program for all of their support.

Explore our progress below.

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